Campaign to oppose the secrecy bill

 Prime Minister Abe’s Special Secret Protection Bill, which passed the lower house on November 26, is contrary to freedom of expression, freedom of creed, human rights, sovereignty of the people, and pacifism, which are the basic principles of the Constitution. If this bill becomes law, it is feared that the autonomy of our society will be dramatically threatened. The bill will also undermine freedom of expression in the arts―music, performance, art, literature, cinema, photography―as well as the freedom of the press (publishing, news reporting, broadcasting), which is only be possible in a society that embraces peace and democracy.
 The United Nations Human Rights Council, many international media and human rights NGOs have voiced strong concern about this bill. The bill has the following issues and defects, which cannot be overlooked.

・The scope of “special secrets” is unclear
・The government will have excessive discretion and authority, enabling arbitrary decisions about what should be classified.
・No independent, third-party body will be set up to check for abuse of the system
・Rules to disclose secret information in the future are not established and the bill goes against the worldwide trend of information disclosure
・Penalties are too severe
・Current laws are sufficient to fulfill the objective of this bill
・Not enough discussion has been held in parliament on this bill
・The governmant is ignoring public disapproval of the bill

For the reasons stated above, we make a solemn protest against the forcible passage of the bill in the lower house, and urge all national parliament members to scrap the bill at the earliest opportunity.

The representatives of movers;
Akira Asada (Professor / Kyoto University of Art & Design)
Ginji Ito (Musician)
Shunji Iwai (Film director)
Koji Ueno (Musician)
Yoshihide Otomo (Musician)
Taeko Onuki (Musician)
Shoji Kokami (Author / Stage director)
Koichiro Kokubun (Philosopher)
Masahumi Goto (Musician)
Junichi Konuma (Critic)
Ryuichi Sakamoto (Musician)
Shuji Shimamoto (Editor)
Mitsuo Shindo (Art Director / Movie Director)
Tomoyuki Sugiyama (Chancellor / Digital Hollywood University)
Hiroshi Takano (Musician)
Yacco Takahashi (Stylist)
Yukihiro Takahashi (Musician)
Kazunari Tajima (Photographer)
Daisuke Tsuda (Journalist / Media Activist)
Shinichi Nakazawa (Anthropologist)
Hideki Nakajima (Graphic Designer)
Yoshitomo Nara (Artist)
Peter Barakan (Broadcaster)
Jun Hori (Journalist)
Koichi Makigami (Musician)
Takashi Matsuo (Actor)
Masahiro Miwa (Composer / Professor/ Institute of Advanced Media Arts & Sciences)
Tatsuya Mori (Film director / Contract Professor / Meiji University)
Ryu Murakami (novelist)
Noboru Yasuda (Noh Player)
Reiko Yukawa (Music critic / Lyricist)
and 63 other movers

We are widely accepting application of the people who assent the statement.

The condition is that you assent the statement and that you are an artist who is expressing something regardless professional, amateur, carrier and nationality. If you think you are categorized as someone who are expressing something, we consider you can be listed.

Please apply from the application form on the top page.
The boxes in the form is from the top;
  • name (it can be your artist name, it will be shown in the advocate list on the 賛同人&賛同人募集 page)
  • hat or title (ex. musician, it will be shown)
  • e-mail address (non-disclosure, used only when we reach you)
  • check boxes;
  • ❏yes, i assent the statement
  • ❏yes, i am someone who express.
  • Type the 5 alphabets as you see in the box.

We are trying to renew the advocate list as often as possible at least twice a day. Thank you for your support.
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